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2018-05-23 10:08:00
Improving Creativity

Creativity is a useful trait in just about every area of life. Creativity is the force behind stunning works of art, best-selling books, ground-breaking inventions, and innovative companies. Creativity is also a skill that can be developed and improved by just about everyone. Here’s a list of 5 ways to become more creative:


  1. Solve Problems: Realize that creativity is problem-solving. Even painting a picture is problem-solving. The problem may be, “how do I convey this idea visually?” Make sure you identify problems by asking questions. The more specific the question the better.
  2. Keep Learning: You are not born with a finite amount of creativity. The more you learn about a field the more creative you will become. Find a mentor in your chosen field to help you along the way.
  3. Be Open: In any creative endeavor, it is important to be open about what is working and what is not. Do not become overly attached to your work. You will be tempted to treat your creative endeavors like they are your children. No one likes to be told their baby is ugly, but you need to be able to accept that all of your ideas are not great.
  4. Play: Creativity is not all fun and games, but it is important to make sure you have some fun and games in your life. Don’t always do the same activities for entertainment. Try something new.
  5. Keep Thinking: Don’t just come up with one creative idea. Generate lots of ideas. Don’t censor your own ideas that you think are bad. Make a list of as many ideas as you can without worrying about quality.



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