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2018-05-31 14:32:58
How to Make a Good Habit

Think about a bad habit you have. If you don’t have a bad habit, you’re likely not thinking hard enough. People are really good at forming bad habits, and quite lousy at making good ones. Here’s a list of the best ways to create a good habit.

  1. Simple Habits: If at all possible, create simple habits. If you want to be a writer, make a habit of writing every day, instead of publishing a best-seller every year.
  2. Keep Track: Creating a habit will likely require some reminders early on. Once you have a habit you will not need reminders, but in the meantime, you may want to write to down.
  3. Plan Time: As it turns out, there is only 24 hours in each day. You will need to determine which activity you will spend less time doing to make room for your new habit.
  4. Tell People: Accountability is a powerful motivator. Let at least one person know about the habit you are trying to create and let them know that you will report your progress to them.
  5. Rewards: Rewards are also powerful motivators. Periodically reward yourself for keeping your new habit going.
  6. Long Term: Bad habits are easy to create and difficult to quit. Good habits are the exact opposite. However, good habits become easier to maintain as time passes.
  7. Take Small Steps: If you want to create a habit that is currently beyond your skill level, start with small measurable steps. If you want to be in the habit of jogging 5 miles a day, make sure you’re capable of jogging 5 miles without collapsing.


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